Markets We Serve

Integrity - Reliability - Flexibility

Our quality manufacturing service solutions are tailored to support the complete life cycle of each product. Our focus is on supporting customers who operate in market spaces where larger contract manufacturers typically struggle – high reliability, higher maintenance requirements. AccuSpec’s manufacturing services are perfect for a broad range of markets such as military, medical, transportation and industrial controls.



In the rapidly evolving, high technology communications industry, AccuSpec has continued to invest in its people, equipment, and business systems in order to provide world class manufacturing services – exceptional OTD, unsurpassed quality and extremely competitive pricing.

With over ten years of communications experience that includes RF design and development collaborations, we have significant expertise in manufacturing and after-market servicing communications products. From simple cable and/or board-level assemblies through, complete system level build, test and pack out, AccuSpec services allow our customers to focus on their core competencies.

AccuSpec supports various products that deliver or store voice, data and video, including products that test the systems designed to deliver and store.

Networking & Communications Products:

  • Data Streaming
  • Data Storage
  • Bridging Systems
  • Networking Monitoring
  • Power Supplies
  • Tuners