Markets We Serve

Integrity - Reliability - Flexibility

Our quality manufacturing service solutions are tailored to support the complete life cycle of each product. Our focus is on supporting customers who operate in market spaces where larger contract manufacturers typically struggle – high reliability, higher maintenance requirements. AccuSpec’s manufacturing services are perfect for a broad range of markets such as military, medical, transportation and industrial controls.


AccuSpec has 10 years of proven manufacturing experience for the challenging rail industry. The work performed for customers in this industry requires robust electronic manufacturing and mechanical integration skill sets. The products manufactured for the transportation industry are often exposed to extreme weather conditions, and so the electronics must sealed and tested.

A rapidly evolving market with extraordinary product warranty, it requires a partner with strict quality standards, traceability management, obsolescence management, and excellent after-sales service and warranty.

Our specialization in complex electronics provides you with a partner that understands the precision required for fail-safe, responsive products.

Transportation Products:

  • Climate Controls
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Locomotive Braking Systems
  • GPS Tracking Systems