Markets We Serve

Integrity - Reliability - Flexibility

Our quality manufacturing service solutions are tailored to support the complete life cycle of each product. Our focus is on supporting customers who operate in market spaces where larger contract manufacturers typically struggle – high reliability, higher maintenance requirements. AccuSpec’s manufacturing services are perfect for a broad range of markets such as military, medical, transportation and industrial controls.

Industrial/Commercial Controls


Over its 30 years of experience servicing OEM’s in the industrial and commercial marketplaces, AccuSpec has developed unique methods to simplify the volatility and variability in product demand that is typical for industrial/commercial products.

In the world of business today, it is essential that companies align with an experienced industrial manufacturing partner that can ensure quality and process controls, while meeting the long-term safety, reliability, warranty of the market. AccuSpec utilizes best practices across its spectrum of customers, applying the same levels of process controls and traceability to industrial products as we do to medical and defense products. Our process controls begin with the supply chain and run through manufacturing and test ensure that requirements for agency certifications and regulations are met.

Industrial & Commercial Products:

  • Motor Controllers
  • Flow Meters
  • Ignition Control Systems
  • Temperature Controls
  • Power Supplies